Sailing Whitsundays

It has been a while since the last time I was in Queensland. It was just a short trip but all of the fabulous memories I got out of it was unforgettable.

So we were so stressed out of all assignments and exams that were all coming (we were in last year of uni back then), and it came to a point that we could not be any more careless and we were like “Know what, why don’t we just go for a short trip to refresh our minds instead of being stuck here with all of this sh!t?”. So we booked a trip to Whitsundays after a girl in Flight Center described that “it would be the best place in the world to come blah blah, you can drink cocktails on the boat watching whales and you have a chance to see one of the whitest beaches in the world, you would never want to come back to Sydney, trust me”. Imagine being stress and hear all of that advertisement from a marketing expert?  We honestly bought flights tickets, accommodation and everything after that lol.

We arrived at Queensland bit earlier before our check-in time, so we had sometimes to go and look around Arlie Beach. It was literally like heaven on earth to us!!! I was like “This holiday is going to be the best holiday of my life!!”  (Even though I still brought my laptop with me to do my assignment as it was due during the time I was on my short holiday – see how yolo I was?)

Next day, we could only get a quick brekkie and then had to head to the meeting point to get ready for Whitsundays whoop whoop!

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Before getting on to the boat, we got told to put back all of our stuff including shampoos, conditioners, and other personal stuff as it would consider unfriendly to the environment of all the reef around the island. I was panicking because I hadnt even start my assignment and thought I would do it on the boat while laying down on a fancy bed, drinking some glasses of red wine like in Titanic. But the reality hit me quite hard and I got a mental breakdown for few seconds (lol). But I was like “Oh man, its ok! I still have my phone. Not a problem!” (as I tried to cheer myself up more likely haha)

Alright! Excited part! We went on a boat!! And it was not what I thought it would be at all!! It was not a big boat, it did not have fancy and individual rooms or anything to separate between all the beds at all, and they were all bulk beds, which were super duper tiny that could only fit one person and you could not probably turn left or right on that much either! Looked around and I was like “Wth did I just sign up for?” (I did not have any pic of the boat or those beds unfortunately). And we were not allowed to take shower more than 2 minutes due to amount of people on the boat and there were only to tiny bathrooms with a limit amount of water for 3 days on the beach also! (How great!), plus we aint allowed to use too much toilet paper as it would cause block ect…


First day on boat was nothing much since it was just travelling part, it was also the day that I realized I was out of no where, there was no reception for me to do my bloody assignment and I knew I was totally screwed up because I couldnt even apply for Special Consideration or contact my tutor since there was no service! (Great!). But the sky of that night got me carefree with the sky full of stars and a lot of milky ways and I even saw a shooting star disappeared as fast as it appeared in the horizontal corner of sparkling night sky. Listened to different backpackers’ stories and captains’ stories made me feel like I know nothing about this world and emerged the excitement of exploring in me so bad. We just lied there on the surface of the boat, listened to the sound of the wind, the sound of some kind of weird fishes jumping up and down in the water and drank (cheap) wine (that would cause you headache so bad the next morning you woke up). And I did not care about anything of my noisy busy life anymore, I was just laying down there enjoyed the moment and wanted to capture every second of how peaceful and relaxing it was for the rest of my life.


(After every single time we swam, we just hung our clothes, towels around the boat so that we can use it for next snorkeling)


(Chilled out on the sunset)

My friends and I were the youngest ones in the whole boat (who wore onesies as well haha) so they quite looked at us like some kids those need to be taken care of (indeed). The second day, I got food poisoning and the more I tried to eat, the more I ended up in bathroom and vomited everything out, even water. I got totally sick from the sea and the food but I did not want to miss out that day’s activity. I was so starving that I could hear my stomach growling but I could not put anything in my body at all. We went to snorkeling and after that, I was deadly exhausted, I felt like I could not walk any longer but the boat stop at Heaven Beach to hike and see the whitest sand and I was like “This trip is actually awesome!”.

This was my first time talking random so much things with strangers and did not feel any awkwardness at all. (I didnt know whether all of backpackers are friendly like that or I was just hungry-and-tired me that I did not care of what I was saying) but I did feel so connected with them and respect them so much for being such an awesome and brave people who would give up everything behind and go outside the box to see the world (and wish someday I could do the same as well, I did and do and will always want to be like that but there is always things that stop me in the middle of the way sadly – or just my excuses?)


This was my first time did not shower properly for 3 days in a row and all I felt was stinky all of my body, but others told me that being a real backpacker, sometimes, they didnt even have a shower for a whole week and try to save money as much as they can (shower in public area, eat shitty food, drink crap wines, do underpaid job – anything and everything possibly to get money to keep travelling). I mean.. I dont know how people feel when they listen to this kind of experience, but for me, I got completely fascinated about that, my mind just blew imagining of that freedom careless life.

This was my first time having no shame changing clothes in front of strangers as there was not enough bathroom for all of us and I’ve learnt how to love myself so much more out of that.

This was my first time knowing that the captains and few other people working on the boat were all lonely by themselves as they spend their whole lives in the ocean, far from the mainlands, their only friends would possibly be some random eagles and fishes. I dont know but I felt so sorry for them, not sure if they’re happy with what they’re doing but they must give up a lot for that (I hope they do tho). (See, this is one of my problems, sometimes I think way too much which makes me not be able to sleep at night.) I remembered Alex (one of the captains) told me a lot of stories about all the stars, he could tell me what their names were – how can he distinguish from different stars; and stories about the ocean – how can he tell when the storms coming; and much more of aside stuff around the island. He woke me up earlier in the moring just because I said I want to see the sunrise from the boat, he put his jacket on me as he saw my face turned pale and the whoe body shaking after snorkelling. All of those things just got me thinking of how lonely they would feel (perhaps)


A pic with Alex

My bottom-line is Whitsundays was actually one of the most memorable and favorable holidays for me so far (both in honest and sarcastic ways). It was not how I thought it would be but it was something that I would never think I would be able to do either! It pushed out of my comfort zone, it taught me so much more about life experience which I could never ever get from school and most of all, it made me realize of what I want to do and what I have to do in order to get what I want to 🙂

I DO RECOMMEND YOU GUYS (whoever reads this blog) TO GO THERE ONCE! (I will defo come back! And next time I will take a pic of the boat;)

Brisbane's Airport on the way back

At Brisbane’s Airport on the way back

Ah, btw, when I got back to Sydney, I had to do my health check and the result was I got gastralgia so in the end I still could apply for Special Consideration and I was like WHOOOWHOOO could never be any happier when you know you were sick like that before!


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