A little weird me

Hurrayyyy!! My very first blog!!!

Remember I used to be a writer back then when I was still in secondary and high school lol, I used to write a lot (maybe too much) that I got scolded by teachers for being neglected during classes. But then was busy with too many things that I completely forgot that I actually I did have a blog.

Anyway, thinking I just should pick it up and re-start it with some little things I find awesome for my-blue-days so that I could feel much better about myself haha.

Okay, so start with where I was born! Excited!!? Not really (lol) because I honestly could not remember much of my old hometown since I had moved to a different city when I was 5 (or 4?), but I do know that it was in Vietnam haha. I grew up in a hard time of my own as I was always being ill and not be able to go to school as much as others did. I did remember when I was in 5th grade, I was quite good at Literacy subject that my teacher wanted to have me in her team (every year they pick a certain number of students who seem to be competent at some subjects and will focus teaching us on that) so that we could go to some fancy exams which I had no idea what it was back then. My parents seemed happy to know that but also be seriously considerate about that as I would need to spend more time for study and they got afraid of me being overwhelmed and stressed out for all of those tricky exams. They could only imagine me ended up being in the hospital again so they did say no to that opportunity even my teacher tried to pursue them so many times. That was the only thing I can recall during my primary times.

During secondary times, pretty sure I got so much stronger than I was before, I kind of went to school as much as every day if I remember correctly. It was so much fun being at school and do stupid things with your friends. Trust me, it sounds lame but I did not even want to leave school. Not like I want to study but just because I want to play and hang out with my friends haha. I skipped a lot of classes and got myself in heaps of troubles that my teacher and my mom became kinda “good friend”.

And THE BEST PART was always at high school!!!!!!!! Our class was like 36 girls with only 6 guys so you would know how it would be already right. Full of gossips, food and pranks every day at school. We skipped classes together, we went to some trips together, we even did a flash mode for our teacher’s birthday right at schoolyard and our teacher was surprisedly in tears and became the most famous one in the whole school for having the most awesome students ever haha. We even illegally hand-made some fireworks and firecrackers so that some security guys would hunt us down around the campus

And look at how sweet the guys are during Women’s day when they could not afford to buy 36 roses haha


Some cute book-year pics that cant help myselt to stop loving it:

Anyways, that summarised quite good how my 18 years were in Viet Nam.

Not much dramas, not much ups and downs haha.

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